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The Think Partnership is a dynamic strategy shop which partners with the best and brightest minds to deliver targeted communications projects. We specialise in strategy, communication and market insights. We consider your resources and make sure they are concentrated on generating the greatest opportunities to reach your customers and your objectives. As a result, all of the moving parts in your strategy work together like a well-oiled machine.

The Think Partnership was established with a vision to support organisations making a positive impact on the world—to improve their return on invest for marketing and communications spend. The Think Partnership has a particular interest in working with organisations making a contribution to our complex environmental challenge.


Case Studies

Case Study One:
The Cancer Council—Daffodil Day



Daffodil Day is the flagship fundraising campaign of the Cancer Council and raises vital money for research into the prevention, detection and treatment of cancer.

The Cancer Council wanted to re-gear the profitability of Daffodil Day by improving fundraising engagement with young professionals and decreasing the brand’s reliance on merchandise as a fundraising tool. They approached The Think Partnership (Think) to research, develop and recommend a brand strategy to engage young professionals aged 25 to 45.

The Solution

Think undertook a series of focus groups with 25-45 year old ‘Office Social Starters’ who organise social and fundraising events at work. The research aimed to uncover general attitudes towards Daffodil Day and establish broad preferences for social fundraising at work. It also tested a number of specific social fundraising concepts developed by Think, each presented with a corresponding brand and creative strategy.

As a result of the research, Think made recommendations for a bright and social Garden Party campaign aimed at the corporate sector as a key pillar for Daffodil Day. The recommendation included a complete branding and communications strategy and formed the basis of a Cancer Council pilot delivered across Victoria and Queensland in 2013.

Benefits/Value Delivered

The 2013 Garden Party pilot successfully engaged 25-45 year old office workers, a segment who had typically had low prior involvement with Daffodil Day.

In addition to broadening the appeal of Daffodil Day, the Garden Party campaign also helped to reposition Daffodil Day as being ‘social and fun’ and not just ‘individual and light’.

Post implementation research revealed that Garden Party participants enjoyed the social, morale building events, the chance to organise a fundraising event for a good cause.


Case Study Two:
NSW Governement—HPSP



The NSW OEH Home Power Savings Program (HPSP) provides energy efficiency assessments and retrofits energy saving equipment to low-income homes in NSW.

In 2010 the program was at risk of falling short on its customer up-take objectives. Think was engaged to  deliver a multi-faceted Demand Generation Strategy encompassing all channels of communication.

The Solution

We worked with the NSW Government over 2 years to develop and execute an overarching strategy.  The project started with a review of existing customer data, qualitative research, interviews with stakeholders and additional desk research. We then distilled some clear customer insights and delivered a customer segmentation. These insights were then used to develop an overarching strategy, that included a detailed Communications Strategy and a detailed Stakeholder Engagement Strategy (which included over 300 active stakeholders). 

During the implementation of the  project Think then coached key staff, undertook additional research with frontline staff and made recommendations around governance.

Benefits/Value Delivered

Once the initial strategy had been developed, the NSW HPSP saw a dramatic improvement on their ROI for both stakeholder engagement and communications. The take-up for the program turned around so that set targets were exceeded.

The program’s success in engaging customers has now been used as a case study for successful in-home energy efficiency policy. The Think Partnership presented an overview of this project to the Federal Government during the development of the policy around the Carbon Tax.



"From the minute she started she helped us to see things more clearly—Amelia was able to break complex systems down so that we could understand how to work more effectively. Amelia is a highly skilled analyst, strategist and facilitator, and she has a lovely communication style that engaged the team in the process. I would recommend Amelia for any project—she produces results and raises the capacity of all involved.” 

Michael Reid, Manager Senior Manager Statewide Programs—Households and Communities, NSW Office of Environment and Heritage.

Case Study Three:
CSIRO, EPA, PACIA and Monash University—VCSCM


The Victorian Centre for Sustainable Manufacturing Solutions (VCSCM) is a new consortium involving Monash University, the EPA and the CSIRO. The aim of the VCMS is to engage the Australian manufacturing industry to invest in Green Chemistry and Environmental Engineering projects.

The VCMS commissioned The Think Partnership (Think) to develop a marketing and communications strategy for the centre including a clear positioning strategy and an effective framework for stakeholder and customer engagement.

The Solution

Think commenced the project by undertaking research to uncover insights about the company’s capabilities, its customer motivators and the competitive set. This process, which included in-depth interviews and industry analysis, established a clear position for the centre based on outstanding customer service.

Think then made informed strategic recommendations for how the centre could engage with industry and win new projects. This included a Customer Engagement Framework with recommendations for identifying targets and a three-stage process for building trust.

Finally, Think made recommendations for a communications strategy to build awareness and drive customer engagement. This included a mix of media, conferences, trade shows and other communications tools directed at achieving the centre’s strategic objectives.

Benefits/Value Delivered

The VCSCM has benefited from a coherent three stage process that uncovered insights and made informed recommendations for strategy and communications.

As a result of this project, the centre now has clear recommendations for positioning, an actionable strategy for customer engagement and a communications plan based on insights.

Case Study Four:
Financial Ombudsman Services


With a remit to provide a channel for fair customer disputes resolution with financial institutions across Australia—the Financial Ombudsman Services serves a complex group of stakeholders and many diverse customers.   

Think was initially engaged to manage an organisation-wide project to publish league tables reporting on the performance of all member financial institutions.

At the time of this project, FOS had recently formed as an amalgamation of three institutions. The organisation was still merging data systems, managing differing member expectations and finessing the organisations design/decision making structure. With many powerful members (including the Big 4 banks) considering their own reputational risks and a need to fulfill ASIC requirements—developing one lens for public reporting for FOS was very complex.

The Solution

Think had a senior consultant placed on-site at FOS, this enabled the consultant to liaise with various stakeholders and manage an internal team to deliver the complex project, effectively and on time. 

Think provided broad strategic services, including establishing tools to track engagement with stakeholders and measure the success of the project.  

Think managed the Media Relations nationally for this project which included overseeing the announcement of a new Chief Financial Ombudsman.


Benefits/Value Delivered

The initial project was successfully managed so that milestones were met and risks were mitigated. The organisation developed new and also deepened relationships with many key stakeholders. Think developed recommendations around a public reporting model, that could both provide a meaningful gauge on a member performance whilst being something that could be audited and verifiable. 

The new Chief Financial Ombudsman’s was introduced to the media, so that meaningful reflections of organisation and industry performance could be discussed with the media to spur important changes within various sectors. FOS secured national media relations that was recognised as being very favourable. This was considered a great success, given the initial complexity inherent within the project.

Following on from this project, Think was then engaged to work on a Change Management project to implement a new organisational structure.